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Mexico City, August 22, 2019- Following the Relevant Events issued by the Company on April 8 and 9, June 14 and July 22 2019, regarding: the termination of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (the “EPC Contract”) for the Atizapán – Atlacomulco High Specification Toll-Road in the State of Mexico (the “ATAT Toll-Road”), the construction works of the ATAT Toll-Road in terms of the Concession Title and the dialogue held with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (“SCT”) for the continuity of these construction works; Aleatica informs the market that:

Today, the SCT formally notified Concesionaria AT-AT, S.A. de C.V. (“ATAT”), a subsidiary of Aleatica, of an amendment to the ATAT Toll-Road’s original construction program, which provides for a revised period of 24 months from August 1, 2019 for the completion of the works, and generates conditions that favors the project’s continuity and due execution.

In the decision to amend the construction program, considerations include the existence of causes that are independent to the will of the Ministry and ATAT which, despite having been afforded the pertinent attention by the relevant parties, have impeded the timely execution of construction works. As such, this considers the project’s current condition based on the status of the rights of way, among other considerations.

The modification of the construction program is a positive action from the Federal Government, which reaffirms commitment by all parties to the project’s development and successful completion.

The approval demonstrates Aleatica’s commitment to the project and to continue to expeditiously remobilize the construction works of the ATAT Toll-Road in compliance with the corresponding concession title.

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