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Mexico City, September 15, 2020.- Following the Relevant Event issued by the Company on April 8 2019, in connection with: (i) the termination of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract of  the High Specifications Toll-Road Atizapán – Atlacomulco, in the State of Mexico (the “AT-AT Toll-Road”); (ii) the construction works of the AT-AT Toll-Road in terms of the Concession Title; and (iii) the communications held with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (“SCT”) for the continuity of the foregoing construction works, Aleatica informs the market that:

Today, Concesionaria AT-AT, S.A. de C.V. (“AT-AT”), a subsidiary of Aleatica, has executed a new Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract for the AT-AT Toll-Road (the “EPC Contract”) with the construction company Latina México, S.A. de C.V. (“Latina México”).

Latina México is also a subsidiary company of Aleatica with construction experience, that has been approved as contractor by SCT in accordance with the provisions of the Concession Title, and will perform the execution of the works of the AT-AT Toll Road in accordance with the construction program authorized by the SCT.

With the execution of the EPC Contract, AT-AT will continue with the construction works of the AT-AT Toll Road, through Latina Mexico, and those additional subcontractors participating in the project.

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