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Mexico City, Mexico October 9, 2019.- Aleatica S.A.B. de C.V. (the “Company”) informs the market that, as per the press release (the “Press Release”) issued on this date by Aleatica SAU, it has become aware that Mr. Juan Luis Osuna Gómez has submitted his resignation as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company and also as a member of the corporate practices committee. The Company understands that Mr. Osuna´s resignation will be considered by the shareholders of the Company at an Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on October 24, 2019.

The Press Release indicates that Mr. Ken Daley, who has been a board member of Aleatica SAU since April 2018 and has become the newly appointed CEO of Aleatica SAU, will be nominated to replace Mr. Osuna as chairman of the Board of the Company.

The Press Release also states that the announcement follows the resignation of Mr. Osuna as CEO and board member of Aleatica SAU and the appointment of Ken Daley as Aleatica SAU’s CEO, as explained in the following transcribed Press Release:

Madrid, Spain, October 9, 2019.- Aleatica SAU announces that its Board of Directors has accepted Mr. Juan Luis Osuna Gómez’s resignation as CEO and director of Aleatica SAU. Mr. Osuna also submitted his resignation as president of the Board of Directors of Aleática, S.A.B. de C.V. and as a member of its corporate practices committee. In his replacement, the Board of Aleatica SAU has appointed Mr. Ken Daley as its new CEO and intends to also nominate him as the chairman of the Board of Directors of Aleática, S.A.B. de C.V.

Ken Daley, who has four decades of experience within the global toll road sector, has an impressive record of leadership and operational expertise, a profound understanding of IFM’s operating standards, practices and values, and extensive familiarity with Aleatica SAU’s business across the different geographies in which it operates. He serves on the board of all of IFM Global Infrastructure Fund’s (IFM GIF) toll road investments: Indiana Toll Road (“ITR”), M6Toll, and Aleatica SAU, where he has been a director since its founding and has already spent several months within the business, aiding in the deployment of new initiatives.

Mr. Daley has extensive experience under the IFM network in senior executive capacities and has been involved in the acquisition due diligence for all of IFM’s toll road investments. Most recently, he served as CEO of ITR. During his time as CEO of ITR, Mr. Daley was critical to implementing IFM’s best practices and values across ITR’s operations, safety culture, organizational structure, governance, and stakeholder engagement. This work laid the foundation for an additional $850 million investment and the launching of major capital investment programs.

Prior to his role at ITR, Mr. Daley served as a senior executive for Transurban in Australia and the US, working on numerous projects throughout Europe, the US, South East Asia and Latin America. Mr. Daley received the Max Lay Lifetime Achievement Award for pioneering tolling interoperability across Australia.

Mr. Osuna has been the CEO of Aleatica SAU since its acquisition by IFM GIF in 2018 and led the early phases of the Company towards its consolidation as an independent standalone operator of transport infrastructure assets and the transition of the business to a wholly-owned portfolio company within the IFM network. As Aleatica SAU enters a new phase of maturity under Ken Daley’s stewardship, it will continue progressing the direction set by IFM Investors, reaffirming its commitments to IFM’s best practices and values in relation to safety, customer service, community and stakeholder engagement.

The Board of Directors of Aleatica SAU formally expressed its appreciation for Mr. Osuna’s valuable contribution during Aleatica’s transitional period.

IFM Investors and Aleatica SAU remain committed to raising industry standards through continued focus on its five strategic pillars: safety, sustainability, customer service, transparency / governance and team.

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